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22nd December 2011

Recent Announcements Regarding the Youth Mobility Scheme

A Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules for entry to the UK has recently been presented to Parliament. These include the country allocations under the Youth Mobility Scheme for 2012.

21st December 2011

UK Immigration Restrictions Extended for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

Regulations requiring Bulgarian and Romanian (EU2) nationals who wish to work in the UK to gain permission from the UK Border Agency have been extended until the end of 2013. 

20th December 2011

Immigration in the UK: Attitudes and Misconceptions

The Transatlantic Trends: Immigration report, which explores public attitudes towards immigration across the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, reveals negative attitudes across the board. The position is most marked in the UK, with 68% of citizens agreeing with the statement that  immigration is ‘more of a problem than an opportunity’, compared with 53% in the US and an average of 52% in the rest of Europe. 

14th December 2011

Immigration is Vital to UK’s Growth

Two recent reports have highlighted the dichotomy between setting the UK on the road to economic recovery and the government’s promised objective of reducing net UK immigration to the “tens of thousands”.

8th December 2011

The ‘Lille Loophole’: Another Threat to UK Border Security

The BBC has highlighted disturbing facts surrounding what has become known as the ‘Lille Loophole’, which allows passengers to travel from Belgium to the UK without passing through immigration controls. 

7th December 2011

Planned Increase in Requirement for Biometric Residence Permits

The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has put plans before Parliament to increase the number of foreign nationals required to hold biometric residence permits (BRPs). If approved, the proposals will affect all foreign nationals from outside the European Economic Area who are already in the UK and who apply for leave to remain for more than six months.


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