Best Practice Compliance

DWI can support you in ensuring that you remain up to date and complaint with UK immigration best practice.

A Compliance Audit by our OISC registered Advisors will evaluate your existing migrant worker arrangements, make recommendations for improvements and changes, provide a rating against Home Office standards and provide a comprehensive written report.

Our Right to Work Audit Service provides you with protection against the levying of hefty civil penalities and ensures that you continue to meet your obligations under the UK immigration points-based system. We will check the veracity of an employee’s documents indicating their right to work in the UK and provide the client with an Audit Certificate to confirm the individual’s entitlement to take employment.

For dependable advice, guidance and support on UK immigration and visas, contact DWI today.

“DWI advisors have an excellent standard of professionalism, knowledge and expertise. Extremely satisfied with the service offered.”
Work Permit / Project Specialist, Aircraft Manufacturing Company

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