Immiguru - Up To Date Immigration Data At Your Fingertips

DWI is always striving to offer the very best immigration support and is a proud partner of Peregrine Immigration Management. This means that DWI is qualified to regularly review and update the data in their Immiguru system - a web based global immigration knowledge database containing clear and comprehensive details on work permit processes to more than 90 different countries.

Preferred Partner

The DWI team works in Immiguru on a regular basis to make sure that the timing, process, document and red flags data available for the UK is current and detailed.

We have become a preferred partner for Peregrine through our in-country expertise, quality service delivery and extensive experience, which DWI has demonstrated through its work with the Peregrine team and by the provision of favourable client references.

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To find out how Immiguru enables the mobility industry to plan ahead with confidence and accuracy, please take a look at this introductory video.

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